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Recover Data on Broken Samsung Phone

How to Recover Lost Data from Broken Samsung Phone

Summary:Have your ever broken or cracked your Samsung phone and failed to find a way to get back data from the device?Don’t worry!This page introduces you the best solution to recover data from broken Samsung phone with Broken Android Data Recovery step by step.Now you can learn the useful tutorial to retrieve your photos, videos, contacts, SMS and other files on broken Samsung phone.

Photos,contacts,text messages are important data on mobile phone and losing them would risk serious loss to your work or personal life.The detail data stored on phone may carry important information that are meaningful for your a lot.However,many times unwanted events will happen when you haven’t get ready.One of the most common is breaking of the phone.It can happen it physical level or on the software level, in both case you lose your important data or you may even have to change your phone if it is unrepairable.

* How to Transfer iPhone Data to Samsung

* How to Manage Samsung Data on Computer

recover data broken phone

Here are the most common ways people get broken on their phones:
1.Accidently dropping of the phone.While carrying out certain activities with a phone in hand, you hit something or phone slips from hand is the normal way that lead to phone get broken.If damage is not serious, the repair work is easy but in severe cases, replacing phone is the only option.
2.Water damaged is the second common situation among phone users.
3.Can’t enter the operating system of phone or have a non-responsive screen on Phone,etc.

Extract and Recover Data from Broken Samsung

In case your phone is not severely broken just lost your important data due to crash, then there is one great solution to recover your data back with our strongly recommend.Broken Android Data Recovery is the perfect solution for downloading recovery package for Samsung and recovering data from broken Samsung.You can use it to recover files from any types of broken Samsung phone,for example black screen of Samsung phone,broken screen of Samsung phone,can’t enter the system of Samsung phone,non-responsive of Samsung phone.This program empowers to recover many types of data on Samsung like photos, videos, contacts, text messages, apps, etc.Most Samsung models are allow to recover data by this Android Data Recovery,including Galaxy S5/S4/S3,Note 5/4/3,A9/A8/A7 etc,.

d_win d_mac

Tips: If you phone is not damaged,please learn this tutorial to recover lost data from general Samsung Galaxy

Part 1:Restore Data from Broken Samsung Galaxy via Broken Android Data Recovery

Firstly,you should download and install the program on your computer. Once it has completed scan, you fill find a button named with “Broken Android Data Extraction” which you need to click.

Step 1.Connect Broken Samsung with the Computer
Connect the broken Samsung phone to computer with USB cable,and click “scan it” button.

connect broken samsung to pc

Tips:If the system of your Samsung phone is damaged,and you cannot operate it,please click the right “Start” button to fix your frozen, bricked, crashed, black-screen, Samsung logo-screen, or screen-locked Android OS system to normal at first.

fix android OS to normal

Step 2.Select the Model of Your Phone
In this step you have to select the proper version of the Android as well as the exact model you are using.

select phone model

Step 3.Enter Download Mode on Samsung
This is the step of entering the download mode of the phone and start on with the screen recovery.
Here you need to follow up three individual steps which include:
1)Power off the phone.
2)Press and hold Volume “-“, “Home” and “Power” button on the phone.
3)Press “Volume +” button to enter download mode.

boot into download mode

Step 4.Analyze your Phone and Download Recovery Package
After entered the download mode, the software will start downloading “recovery package”,it will take you a few minutes,please wait patiently.

boot into download mode

When the downloading finish,the program begin to scanning all exiting files from broken Samsung phone.

boot into download mode

Note: If your phone is broken due to system issues, you can switch to “Android Data Recovery” functions to scan and recover lost/deleted data from Samsung after the device returning to normal.

Step 5.Preview and Recover Data from Broken Samsung Phone
You can preview all deleted/lost or existing data before recover them on Samsung,including the detailed messages,photos,videos and more types of files.Then just click “Recover” Option to accomplish the data recovery process.

recover data on broken Samsung

Tips to repair a broken Samsung device by yourself:
– Make sure you contact the service center first to know the issue.In case it is in the warranty,it is worth trying.
– Order for the replacement parts only after you know the exact cause of the problem. It will save money and time.
– Get the right tools to repair your phone.Usually, there are specific tools for opening and handling hardware of modern phone.
– Get all the necessary software to manage your phone.Moreover, importantly know how to use them to repair your phone.

d_win d_mac

Part 2:Restore Data from Broken Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 with Samsung Kies

As we know,Samsung Galaxy phone become the most popular Android series phones on Android market.The passages above we had talked that the solutions to restore data from broken Samsung phone.However how to restore data on Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8 freely?Now we are going to telling the detail on how to retrieve data from broken Samsung Galaxy S series phones with Broken Android Data Recovery.

You are allow to easily recover data from broken Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/Note 5/Note 4/Note 3 with Broken Android Data Recovery,but if your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8 is broken with broken screen or black screen,I’m so sorry to tell you that the Broken Android Data Recovery is not support the Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 currently until the program update in future.If unfortunately your Samsung S6/S7 is not damaged and running as normal,the Android Data Recovery enable to help you recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8,including contacts,photos,messages,videos,call history,application data,etc,.

In order to restore data from broken Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8(broken screen/black screen),here we suggest you to use Samsung Kies program to complete the broken data recovery,it not only can help you to sync data between Samsung devices and find new apps,but also empower you to recover almost all kind of data from your broken Samsung Galaxy S6/S7.Let’s see how to extract data from Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 with Samsung Kies in tutorial.

Remotely Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8 and Restore Data from it

If you haven’t set the lock screen password on your broken Samsung in previous then now you are be able to access your phone and view the contacts,photos or other data on it,we recommend you to backup Samsung data to computer firstly.If you have set the locked screen password for the broken Samsung,you should unlock the broken Samsung Galaxy before data recovery.Before rebooting your phone,you can be only to unlock the screen using fingerprint scanner on device,which is a great opportunity to unlock your phone.However,if you are unable to unlock the screen using fingerprint scanner,just take it easy,you should use “Find My Mobile” Service to remotely unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 device. Once you unlock the device,then connect your phone to computer and using Samsung Kies to restore data from broken Samsung.

Note:Find My Mobile Service not only can help you remotely unlock the Samsung phone with locked screen freely,but also allows you to sync Samsung data to Internet account service.Be attention,we recommend you to keep your device synced with Internet account service regularly for backup,so even if your phone is lost,stolen or broken,you can easily download and extract data from the backup through the Internet account service via Samsung Find My Mobile service.

How to Restore Data from Broken Galaxy S6/S7/S8 with Kies

Step 1.Log in Find My Mobile Service with your Samsung account
Firstly,please log in to Find My Mobile with your Samsung Account.Please click the “Find email/password‘ option if you forget your Samsung account or password.

find my mobile function

Step 2.Remotely Unlock Broken Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8
Once you have signed in your Samsung account,you will see the options like finding your phone,lock my screen,unlock my screen and wipe my device,then click “Remotely Unlock my Phone or Unlock Screen Remotely“>> “Unlock My Screen” to unlock your broken Samsung Galaxy device,your broken device will be removed the locked screen in minutes,then,proceed to back up your Samsung data with Kies.

remotely unlock broken samsung galaxy

Step 3.Restore Data on Broken Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8
Now,you broken Samsung device is unlock,you should use Samsung Kies to extract files from the broken device.First of all,please download,install and run the Samsung Kies on computer,then connect your broken device to your computer via USB cable,then restore data from broken Samsung to your computer using copy/paste via Samsung Kies.

samsung kies backup data from broken samsung phone

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