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Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android phone

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android phone

[Summary]: When you buy a new Android mobile phone and you use iPhone before,the first thing you want to do is transferring contacts from iPhone to new Android phone. To transfer iPhone contacts to Android Samsung, HTC, Sony,ect,.You must to use a phone contacts transfer software,it allows you copy phone numbers between iPhone and Android phone directly.

I finally go with a Samsung Galaxy S5 as my work phone, just a month after its public release. To be frankly, it’s quite easy to get started with the new device, even I had no experience with Android phone before. All of the things go smoothly, but one thing annoys me is how to transfer the contacts from my old iPhone to Galaxy S5. There are nearly 250 contacts on my iPhone and I had no Google account before so I can’t important them from Gmail sync. I can image it will be a time consuming task with great pain if I input them one by one manually onto the new Android device.

Fortunately, I found out a much easier solution to help me transfer my iPhone contacts to Android without any additional effort involved. The entire process is done in background automatically. All you need to do is only a single mouse click. Anyone with no prior experience can get the job done quickly. The only price is to pay for a few bucks to access the Mac app. What’s more, Phone to Phone Transfer is not only capable of copying contacts from iPhone to Android phone, but also for photos and text messages. Besides iPhone and Android phone, Nokia and Blackberry smartphone are also supported. This is the ultimate solution for phone to phone transfer tasks.

d_win d_mac

How to Copy iPhone Contacts to Android Phone

Step 1: Install iPhone to Android Transfer on PC

Download the .exe file from the above link and install the app on your windows or Mac. Make sure to add it to Application folder, and then you can easily open the app from Launchpad.

phone transfer main page

Step 2: Connect iPhone and Android Phone to the Same PC

Plug your iPhone and Android phone to the same computer via USB cable. Make sure Android USB driver is pre-installed to let the device being recognized by computer. When they are well attached to the computer, iPhone to Android Transfer will detect both smartphones automatic and list them on the main screen. As you can see below, iPhone is on the left, standing for source phone; while Samsung is on the right for destination phone.

connect iphone and android to pc

Note: Please make sure that your iPhone is the “Source Phone”, or you can click “Flip” button to switch their places.

Step 3: Start Transferring iPhone Contacts to Android

Uncheck Photo and Text Messages from the list and only leave Contacts being checked to make sure only contacts being transferred during this step. Click Start Copy button located at the bottom of the app, then all of your iPhone contacts will be copied to Android phone in a few minutes. This step is quite easy to finish, but please make sure that the two phones are well connected during the process.

transfer iphone contacts to android

Contacts transfer is only a portion of the whole functions provided by the program. Besides this, you can also transfer other items like sms, photo, media files and other documents. As you can see from homepage of the app, you can also use this program to backup iPhone content to your Mac. What’s more, it’s also capable of restoring backups from iTunes or iCloud to help you get back the lost data. This is the only app I highly recommended!

Tips: This iPhone to Android Transfer is an automated solution to help you copy contacts from iPhone to an Android smartphone. No additional work is involved in the transferring process, what you need to do is just a few mouse clicks. And handle the rest to the software. It only takes a few minutes to transfer all of my contacts to Galaxy S5. What’s more, other items like text messages, photos and media files can also be transferred by the software. Besides, it supports all iPhone models and 3000+ Android powered smartphones.

d_win d_mac

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