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Wipe Samsung Data without Restoring

How to Permanently Erase Samsung Data before Selling

“Recently I just bought the new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone to upgrade my old Samsung device.However now I wanna sell my old Samsung Galaxy S5 phone to the resell phone store.What upset me is the data saved on my old phone.I ever heard from my friend that even if I restore the phone to factory resetting,the erased data can be recovered by professional data recovery.Any ways to erase all the data from it without restoring?I really worry about expose my privacy to someone who will get my phone from the phone store.”-Alessia Cara

As we know,the phone data mean to our personal information and it’s indeed need to protect the privacy and avoid leaking to anyone,especially the contacts,messages,photos,credit card account,etc.When you get a new phone to replace the old one you should ensure that all of data is completely wiped from the old device before selling it or giving it up.

However,there are so much powerful phone data recovery program enable to recover the deleted data even if you have deleted it on phone by clicking the “Deleted” option or restore device to factory resetting.Here we provide you two simple useful methods to help permanently wipe data from Samsung before selling by the powerful data eraser programs.

Solution 1:Permanently Erase Samsung Data before Selling with Android Data Eraser

My first recommendation is a data eraser named Android Data Eraser,which allow to erase all data from Android without restoring,including contacts,messages,call history,apps,system setting, photo, video, etc.To be honest, Android Data Eraser worth trusting and it makes the work more effective.Almost all Samsung phone models are applicable to this program,including Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4/S3,Samsung Galaxy Note 7/5/4/3/2 and more.

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Step 1.Connect Samsung Device to the Computer
Enable USB debugging on your Samsung device after the connection.Then the program window will display as below.Click on “Erase All Data” option on the window.

Step 2.Confirm to Deleted Data by Android Data Eraser

1)Please close all Apps on device,such as Music.
2)Please make sure you have backed up data from the device.

Please type “delete” to confirm the order and click on “Erase Now” to move on.


Note:You are allow to choose the data types to erase by this program If you don’t need to delete all data.

Step 3.Start to Permanently Erase Data on Samsung Phone
Now the program will start to wipe your personal data on phone like contacts, SMS, photos, apps, and other personal information.The process will take you a little time, the time depending on the data storage on the device.

The Android Data Eraser has permanently erased all existing and deleted files on Samsung phone.Now you could resell it without any trepidation.

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Solution 2:Permanently Erase Samsung Data before Selling with Phone Transfer

The second top data eraser is a superior program called Phone Transfer.It is your ideal choose of permanently wiping data from Samsung device as well as Android device,such as HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Google, Acer, ZTE, HuaWei and so on.With the help of the Phone Transfer, you are support to easily erase existing data or the deleted data from Android with a click, and ensure the erased data 100% can not being recovered.

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Step 1.Run the Phone Transfer and Connect Samsung with Computer
Download and install the Phone Transfer on your computer,launch it and connect your old Samsung with computer via the USB cable.

When the connection is successfully,your Phone will be detected by program and show in the program interface as below.

Step 2.Select the Date Eraser Mode
Now you should click “Erase Your Old Phone” option in the homepage of program.

Then click “Erase All Data” option,this deletion mode allow you to wipe all data from device without recovering,like SMS,call logs,contacts,safari bookmarks,photos.

Step 3.Begin to Wipe All Data on Samsung
The data erasing process may take you some time,please be patient,keep device connecting with the computer until it is end.


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