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Backup Files on iPhone/iPad

How to Backup iPhone/iPad Data

I forgot the password for my iPhone 5S.Now the lock button is broken,and iTunes doesn’t recognize it.This iPhone has been used for a long time, and I think it’s time to change it to a new iPhone 6s plus.However,I have lots of data on it and most of them are quite important.Is there any ways that I can back up data from a locked iPhone 5S?Please let me know if you have good advice. Thanks in advance.-Lancaster


Data loss is a fact of life-Device get broken,you drop your device,it hits the ground,and you may lost the majority of your data on the device.Backup is always a good method all the time,especially for protecting important data on iPhone and iPad.Backup data from iPhone and iPad make sure all your precious photos,videos and documents don’t get lost.No matter what leads to data loss,you can restore files from backup or at least reduce data loss.iCloud/iTunes making it easily retrievable and sync data from device in the case of a shattered or damaged iPhone/iPad/.Unfortunately,it isn’t the best solution for backing up data.How can you backup iPhone/iPad data without iCloud/iTunes?

Making a local backup is very easy and safe thanks to the Phone Transfer,which remains an useful piece of all-in-one software that supports to backup iPhone/iPad data to computer,including contacts,text messages,photos,videos,call logs,whatsapp messages,notes,etc;(Yes, these backup procedures are exactly the same for all iOS devices, whether backing up an iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch.)besides restore data to mobile device from backup,erase data from device permanently before selling.Additionally,Phone Transfer helps to transfer data between two mobile devices.There is no limit to the amount of backups that can be made on iPhone/iPad through Phone Transfer,you could technically have a thousand of them if your hard drive capacity would support it.

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How to Backup Data on iPhone/iPad

Step 1.Connect iPhone/iPad to Computer
After installation,launch this smart Phone Transfer on computer.When its primary window shows up,select the “Back Up Your Phone” mode and click it to move on.


Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer with an USB cable.After recognized,your device will be shown in the left.

Step 2.Backup Data on iPhone/iPad
Go to the middle of the window,choose data you want to backup.Then,click “Start Copy”.Then,the software will backup content on your iPhone/iPad to computer.When you lose data or get a new device,you can restore the backup and transfer data from backup to it.


To ensure the security of your iPhone/iPad settings and files,you should backup your device regularly.Once something goes wrong with your device, you can easily restore files on device with the latest backup you’ve made.In the passages above we mention is the best solutions to backup iPhone/iPad to PC as well as detail and simple steps are covered.

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